Meet The Team - Sandra "Sändlä" Schorer

Sandra "Sändlä" Schorer joined the Zoder band in February 2019. During the recording of "WeatherTales" it turned out that this Agostini Drum School graduate is not only a fantastic drummer, but also a creative and gifted percussionist.
She loves passing on her knowledge to others in her own drum school “GrooveART”.


Dear Sändlä, what did you have for breakfast today?
Bread with butter, fruit juice and coffee. Just like a cozy “Zmorge”* should be. ;-)
* Swiss term for breakfast

What was your inspiration to start playing drums?
I can't recall a specific "trigger" for the fascination with drums/rhythm. However, already at the age of 6 I was wildly banging the dining table and thus started leaving "musical traces". Still, I had to be patient and first learn a brass instrument before I was allowed to take drum lessons at the age of 11. The change from the brass instrument to the drums probably was a relief for everyone involved. ;-)

What does music mean to you?
On one hand, music is my job, on the other hand it is a means of expression that can be transmitted without words. Music can make you dance, laugh, cry, think and much more.
Music can bring two completely different persons together because they share the same passion. All of this makes music something incredibly beautiful to me!

What do you like most about the new Zoder Album “WeatherTales”?
The goosebump moment during the guitar solo in "Step by Step". Can you feel it too?!

2020 was a very strange year. What are your wishes for 2021?
I wish for us all that we can widen our focus: I wish for more joy in life despite the virus and current restrictions! I would also like to hear different things from the media than the same old negative theme over and over again. And of course I would like to get back to "normality" as soon as possible with concerts, movies and having a cozy drink with friends.